Workato is an iPass tool, it will automate business across cloud apps, on-premise apps and  automated integration solves the problem of data in manual workflows. Workato is an award-winning cloud automation and integration platform with enterprise-grade capabilities that is trusted by over 21,000 businesses. Create integration recipes between all your cloud and on-premise apps. Intelligent automation fundamentally changes how businesses and individuals work in the breakneck pace of a digital first world. Status quo is no longer acceptable. You need to stay competitive and innovate or you’ll quickly fall behind.
Even in our own business we are not immune to the pressure to innovate faster. That’s why we look to automate everything. We believe that automating throughout the business is critical to growth and we’ve done that internally at Workato – not just to use our own product, but because we genuinely want to spend more time working on things that excite us.  

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