Snap Logic
SnapLogic’s Elastic Integration Platform consists of an Integration Cloud, prebuilt connectors called Snaps and a Snaplex for data processing in the cloud or behind the firewall. The company’s products have been referred to as targeting the Internet of Things marketplace for connecting data, applications and devices. The Integration Cloud approaches big data integration through the following tools: Designer: An HTML5-based user interface for specifying and building integration workflows, called pipelines. Manager: Controls and monitors the performance of SnapLogic orchestrations and administers the lifecycle of data and process flows. Dashboards: Provides visibility into the health of integrations, including performance, reliability, and utilization. The Snaplex is a self-upgrading, elastic execution grid that streams data between applications, databases, files, social and big data sources. The Snaplex can run in the cloud, behind the firewall and on Hadoop.
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