IPaaS Implementation Services

IPaaS helps to connect any systems and applications within and outside the enterprise to facilitate real-time data sharing. MERCUROUS helps to connect your applications and systems both internally or externally to eliminate data silos and improve data sharing.
IPaaS is the solution.
• iPaaS is a platform that connects otherwise disjointed systems to deliver a unified solution to customers. It acts as a conduit for communication between multiple systems — allowing for integration and data sharing.
• IPaaS gives platforms unlimited potential, and as we deepen our cloud dependency, IPaaS becomes integral to nearly every business model.
• This guide will give you an overview of iPaaS, how it works, and its key benefits. 

IPaaS Managed Services

No trend in the world of IT has had more impact on businesses than the move to cloud computing. Integration across the enterprise is becoming a huge challenge for not only business end users but also for providers of SaaS and cloud services. iPaaS touts modern productivity tools for integration developers. But is this exclusive focus on technology solving the right problems?
The big integration challenges facing businesses today have far less to do with the technology itself and far more to do with the disruptions impacting technology such as stringent data compliance requirements, shrinking IT talent pools, and skyrocketing volumes of data.


Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a party outside a company to perform services and create goods that traditionally were performed in-house by the company’s own employees and staff. Outsourcing is a practice usually under taken by companies as a cost-cutting measure.
The Evolution of Outsourcing
• Professional outsourcing.
• IT outsourcing.
• Manufacturing outsourcing.
• Project outsourcing.
• Process outsourcing.
• Operational outsourcing.  


Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.


Artificial intelligence (AI) in pop culture usually involve a pack of intelligent robots hell-bent on overthrowing the human race, or at least a fancy theme park. Sentient machines with general artificial intelligence don’t yet exist, and they likely won’t exist anytime soon, so we’re safe… for now.
That’s not to make light of AI’s potential impact on our future. In a recent survey, more than 72% of Americans expressed worry about a future in which machines perform many human jobs. Additionally, tech billionaire Elon Musk, long an advocate for the regulation of artificial intelligence, recently called AI more dangerous than nukes. Despite these legitimate concerns, we’re a long way from living in Westworld.

Artificial Intelligence Examples
• Manufacturing robots
• Self-driving cars
• Smart assistants
• Proactive healthcare management
• Disease mapping
• Automated financial investing
• Virtual travel booking agent
• Social media monitoring
• Inter-team chat tool
• Conversational marketing bot
• Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools
Whether we realize it or not, artificial intelligence is all around us and playing an active role in our daily lives. Every time we open our Facebook newsfeed, do a Google search, get a product recommendation from Amazon or book a trip online, AI is lurking in the background. 

Machine learning (ML) is a branch of artificial intelligence, and as defined by Computer Scientist and machine learning pioneer Tom M. Mitchell: “Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that allow computer programs to automatically improve through experience.” ML is one of the ways we expect to achieve AI. Machine learning relies on working with small to large datasets by examining and comparing the data to find common patterns and explore nuances.

Mobile App Development

Empower your business with lightning apps! We at mercurous always ready for customized mobile app development using Salesforce. Our experts understand your diverse needs and provide the best applications that you are expecting to have for your business.

We not only give our professional hands to design and develop a Salesforce backed mobile app but also help you to dig in and experiment with the new business edge.

Benefits And Features

Enhance your business

Mercurous helps you improve the effectiveness of your business. We enable collaboration with the team and deliver you the best that can enhance your business to the next level.


We assure the security of your data when you are working with the Mercurous services. We are the most trusted Salesforce partner for many companies. We build highly secure and fast loading mobile applications that can meet your needs..

Maximizes User Engagement

We build applications that maximize User engagement as it runs smoothly across all the platforms. We also couple the mobile apps to your existing Salesforce CRM.

Native Mobile applications

Get your native & hybrid apps do integrate with the Salesforce platform that helps your business run smoothly. We build innovative, lesser time to market featured applications that adds more value to your business.

Support Models

Get your native & hybrid apps do integrate with the Salesforce platform that helps your business run smoothly. We build innovative, lesser time to market featured applications that adds more value to your business.

• Around the clock coverage 24×7
• Comprehensive weekday coverage
• Essential weekday coverage 9×5
• Ongoing improvements
• Ongoing system performance checks
• Data import and export
• Integration support
• Constant release maintenance  

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